• High energy density, higher capacity than lead acid battery with same size.

• High operating voltage and excellent power density.

• Light weight, only 1/3 of lead acid battery, free of maintenance.

• Long cycle life, 4-5 times of lead acid battery.

• Very low self-discharge rate, only 1/20 of lead acid battery.

• Fast charge, 18 times of lead acid battery

• Flexible design and various technologies, power rates and dimensions.

• Friendly to the environment, no heavy metals as lead, cadmium and Hg.

CREUP 48V li-ion battery pack


E-bike, E-Scooter, E-golf vehicle, E-boat, medical equipment, commnication equipment, energy storage system, UPS, on/off grid solar systems etc.

Model Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity Dimensions Impedance Max Charge Max Discharge Weight Technology
46.8V6.6Ah 46.8V 6.6Ah 267*76*73mm 240mΩ 2A@54.6V 15A@39V 2.0Kg NMC
46.8V24.2Ah 46.8V 24.2Ah 450*160*99mm 60mΩ 4.84A@54.6V 50A@39V 9.3Kg NMC
46.8V63Ah 46.8V 63Ah 490*175*87mm 80mΩ 12.5A@54.6V 60A@39V 25.9Kg NMC
46.8V90Ah 46.8V 90Ah 550*480*220mm 100mΩ 18A@54.6V 100A@39V 51.5Kg NMC
50.4V108Ah 50.4V 108Ah 245*250*220mm 80mΩ 21.6A@58.8V 50A@42V 43.7Kg NMC
46.8V112.5Ah 46.8V 112.5Ah 418*300*250mm 60mΩ 22.5A@54.6V 60A@39V 43.3Kg NMC
50.4V140Ah 50.4V 140Ah 704*304*275mm 50mΩ 28A@58.8V 200A@42V 63Kg NMC
48V1.5Ah 48V 1.5Ah 160*90*60mm 720mΩ 0.3A@54V 1A@37.5V 1.2Kg LFP
51.2V15Ah 51.2V 15Ah 483*218*90mm 150mΩ 3A@57.6V 30A@40V 11Kg LFP
51.2V20Ah 51.2V 20Ah 437*290*88.5mm 150mΩ 4A@57.6V 20A@40V 15Kg LFP
51.2V25Ah 51.2V 25Ah 250*250*170mm 120mΩ 5A@57.6V 25A@40V 13.5Kg LFP
51.2V30Ah 51.2V 30Ah 330*240*150mm 100mΩ 6A@57.6V 60A@40V 34.5Kg LFP
51.2V30Ah 51.2V 30Ah 437*375*88.5mm 120mΩ 6A@57.6V 30A@40V 20.5Kg LFP
51.2V35Ah 51.2V 35Ah 330*240*150mm 100mΩ 7A@57.6V 60A@40V 18.4Kg LFP
51.2V39Ah 51.2V 39Ah 480*355*185mm 120mΩ 7.8A@57.6V 39A@40V 24.2Kg LFP
51.2V44Ah 51.2V 44Ah 440*260*170mm 80mΩ 8.8A@57.6V 44A@40V 22.9Kg LFP
51.2V50Ah 51.2V 50Ah 340*230*230mm 60mΩ 10A@57.6V 100A@40V 31.2Kg LFP
51.2V50Ah 51.2V 50Ah 500*440*97mm 80mΩ 10A@57.6V 50A@40V 30.1Kg LFP
51.2V60Ah 51.2V 60Ah 580*368*190mm 60mΩ 12A@57.6V 120A@40V 30.1Kg LFP
51.2V60Ah 51.2V 60Ah 430*222*230mm 60mΩ 12A@57.6V 50A@40V 34.5Kg LFP
51.2V100Ah 51.2V 100Ah 820*350*201mm 60mΩ 20A@57.6V 100A@40V 67Kg LFP
51.2V120Ah 51.2V 120Ah 900*350*200mm 60mΩ 24A@57.6V 60A@40V 77Kg LFP
51.2V150Ah 51.2V 150Ah 700*300*275mm 50mΩ 30A@57.6V 100A@40V 88Kg LFP
51.2V200Ah 51.2V 200Ah 470*341*350mm 60mΩ 40A@57.6V 90A@40V 140Kg LFP
51.2V422Ah 51.2V 422Ah 810*684*740mm 60mΩ 60A@57.6V 80A@40V LFP
51.2V500Ah 51.2V 500Ah 845*630*854mm 60mΩ 100A@57.6V 150A@40V LFP