Solar Plane


Electric aircraft uses electric propulsion systems instead of internal combustion engine power. In aerospace equipment, the battery must be able to withstand climate and other environmental changes and have far travel distances but light weight and compact size. We are dedicated to developing lithium-ion battery systems with high energy density, lighter weight, compactness, and convenient maintenance that are suitable for aeronautics. Our batteries can work under a variety of temperatures, humidity, and pressure, and can be used as backup power for aircrafts or as emergency power supply when the power system fails.

Compared with the internal combustion engine, it has a lighter and more compact design, saves energy, and is easy to maintain, minimizes noise and vibration and reduces exhaust emissions. If integrated with solar energy, it can also store solar energy during the day, release stored energy at night, reduce fuel consumption and save costs.


• High safety performance, inbuilt safety circuits, free of fire or explosion even short circuit.

• High capacity, low internal resistance, long cycle life, more than 1000 cycles and a service life of 3~8 years.

• High energy density, the travel distance is twice as lead acid battery in the same weight.

• Small volume, light weight, just 2/3 volume of lead-acid battery.

• High rate charge/discharge ability, it can provide large startup current, burst discharge at 10C without affecting its service life.

• Good performance at high & low temperature, function properly over the temperature range of -40°C ~60°C.

• Low self-discharge rate, just 1.2% self-discharge rate per month, significantly extends the time of parking.

• Green energy, no pollution, friendly to the environment