Commercial ESS


  • Metal Casing-strong, durable, safe.
  • Omni-directional Wheel-easy to move, lockable after positioning.
  • Touch LCD-customized parameters can be set for various applications.
  • Remote Monitoring-know your gear anywhere anytime.
  • Feed into Grid-exceesive electricity can be sold for profit.
  • UPS Function-uninterruppted power supply for backup 7x24.

  • Applications:

  • Off grid power supply for places with lack of electricity or unstable utility, or remote area without access to AC electricity.
  • Backup power supply for hospital, bank, school, church, temple, etc.
  • Power supply for small business activity.
  • UPS for typical application required uninterrupted power supply.
  • Outdoor power supply for lighting, cooking, recreation, farming, fishing, etc.

  • Model   MG3015K MG3010K
    Rated Output Power   15kVA 10kVA
    AC Parameters Rated AC Voltage Grid Voltage 400Vac  
        Inverter Voltage 400Vac  
      Rated AC Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
      Total Harmonic Distortion Grid Current <4%
        Inverter Voltage <3%
      On/Off Grid Switching Time <20ms
      Maximum Inverter Efficiency 93.8%
      Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
      AC Charging Power 7500W 5000W
    DC Parameters PV Input Power Per Line 4000W
      Number of MPPT 4 Lines 3 Lines
      Maximum PV Start-up Voltage 145Vdc
      MPPT Voltage Range 70~140Vdc
      PV Maximum Output Current 320A 240A
      Charger Maximum Efficiency 97.3%
    System Parameters Battery Voltage Rated Voltage 52V DC
        Working Range 44~58V DC
      Stored Energy ≥30kWh
      External Communications RS485/RS232/USB/Internet/WiFi Optional
      Working Environment Temperature 0~45℃
      Working Environment Humidity 10%~90%
      Altitude <2000m
      IP Grade IP54
      Dimension Battery Cabinet H1306xL800xW645mm
        Inverter Cabinet H1306xL800xW645mm
      Weight Battery Cabinet 382Kg
        Inverter Cabinet 375Kg
    Telecom Base Station ESS

    Telecom Base Station ESS
    Data Center ESS

    Data Center ESS

    Emergency Power ESS
    Solar/Wind Lighting ESS

    Solar/Wind Lighting ESS