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The trend in consumer electronics is clearly toward freedom, flexibility and covenience. Appliance manufacturers are increasingly requiring smaller size, lighter weight, more power and longer running time into their products. To meet the need of these demanding applications, batteries must feature:

• Thinner, smaller and lighter weight.

• High capacity and long lasting.

• Long service life.

• High power and safe.

• High effiency rate of discharge and charge.

• Green and enviromental.

Thanks to characteristics of high energy density, safty, flexible design, and longer running than other kinds of batteries, lithium ion batteries have made this chemistry more suitable for portable devices. They are fast replacing Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd cells as the preferred power used on these devices and have quickly taken over the consumer electronics market in the last few years. These applications include smart phones, wearables, bluetooth, medical/healthcare devices, toothbrushes, mobile video recording, tablet pc, laptop computer and other products with the characteristics of light weight, compact size and portability.

With technical expertise and understanding of the battery industry we have consistently delivered high performance batteries for a wide range of consumer products to meet customers’ increasing demand for smaller, lighter and more portable products. Our customers rely on us to get advanced power solutions and full services including custom battery/charging engineering, prototyping, testing, approvals, transportation and mass productions.