• High energy density, more light weight, thinner and smaller.

• Softcase packaging and great safety performance.

• High operating voltage and excellent power density.

• No memory effect, low self-discharge rate and long cycle life, more than 2000 cycles for LFP cells.

• Charge method: constant current/constant voltage.

• Wide operation temperature range.

• Flexible design and various technologies, power rates and dimensions.

• Green energy, friendly to the environment, no harmful metals.

• Customized cell, safety circuit, connector cables etc. are available.

CREUP large li-po cell


E-bike, E-Scooter, E-golf vehicle, E-boat, medical equipment, commnication equipment, energy storage system, UPS, on/off grid solar systems etc.

Model Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity Max Thickness Max Width Max Length Weight Technology
7440165 3.7V 5Ah 7.5mm 40.5mm 165mm 107g NMC
8467156 3.7V 8Ah 8.5mm 68mm 159.5mm 182g NMC
10059156 3.7V 10Ah 10.2mm 60.0mm 159.5mm 205g NMC
10088130 3.7V 12Ah 10.1mm 88.5mm 132mm 249g NMC
9094156 3.7V 14Ah 9.2mm 94.5mm 157.5mm 291g NMC
9789182 3.7V 16Ah 10.0mm 90.5mm 185mm 346g NMC
80122200 3.7V 20Ah 8.1mm 123mm 201.5mm 438g NMC
77157203 3.7V 23.5Ah 7.8mm 158.0mm 203.5mm 522g NMC
10094271 3.7V 27Ah 10.1mm 94mm 271mm 585g NMC
70161227 3.7V 30Ah 7.2mm 162mm 227mm 565g NMC
85161240 3.7V 40Ah 8.6mm 165mm 243mm 740g NMC
80324172 3.7V 50Ah 8.0mm 325mm 172.5mm 1015g NMC
40122140 3.2V 5Ah 4.1mm 123.5mm 141.5mm 138g LFP
50103202 3.2V 8Ah 5.1mm 103.5mm 203mm 210g LFP
8460260 3.2V 10Ah 8.4mm 61mm 261mm 278g LFP
9089182 3.2V 12Ah 9mm 89mm 185mm 300g LFP
10080230 3.2V 15Ah 10.2mm 81mm 231mm 380g LFP
9096252 3.2V 17Ah 9.0mm 96.5mm 252mm 433g LFP
94122200 3.2V 18Ah 9.5**mm 123.5mm 201mm 460g LFP
84136230 3.2V 20Ah 8.5mm 137mm 231mm 518g LFP
97136230 3.2V 24Ah 9.8mm 137mm 231mm 615g LFP