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battery cell

Battery & Energy

Li-ion, li-polymer, lifepo4, li-socl2, li-mno2, solar etc.

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module & pack

Module & Pack

Lead acid replacement battery, single/multi cell battery pack.

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power system

Power System

Power system for consumer, industry, transportation.

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energy storage system

Energy Storage System

Backup power for household, telecom, datacenter, grid.

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Lithium ion battery is accelerating to replace lead acid battery for datacenter UPS

5G, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence technology are becoming important forces driving innovation and digital transformation. A new era of digital economy is coming. At the same time, the rapid development of smart grids and microgrids, as well as the continuous reduction of alternative energy costs and energy storage costs, will lead to more interaction and integration between the data center physical infrastructure and the upstream grid and downstream IT.

For the data center, failures will inevitably occur during the operation of the power system. Although the probability of failure is small and the duration is not long, the consequences are often very serious. Therefore, the application of the UPS system is especially important for the uninterrupted operation of the data room power system. UPS can provide IT managers in enterprise data centers with the time they need to protect sensitive devices and data from power outages...

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