Power Tool Battery

Power tools are a variety of general construction tools that rely on electric power, and generally rely on the hand-held operation of workers. They are widely used in building decoration, light industry manufacturing and other fields. Compared with pure hand tools, the electricity consumption of power tools greatly increases the torque, speed, impact force, etc. of the tool, which greatly improves the efficiency. There are many types of power tools. The most commonly used types are electric drills, angle grinders, electric wrenches, chainsaws, sanders, and gardening tools including weeders. Lithium batteries are an important part of power tools. Compared with the previous nickel cadmium nickel metal hydride battery, lithium battery has the characteristics of high energy density, light weight and large capacity, environmental friendliness, and can well meet the market trend of miniaturization, lightweight and high efficiency of power tools due to its environmental friendliness, lighter weight, larger capacity, higher efficiency and better cycle life.

Li-ion Battery Pack 186imak For Power Tool

Li-ion Battery Pack 186imak For Power Tool

Lithium ion battery pack 186imak is a 18V 6Ah replacement battery for Makita BL1815 BL1830 power too..

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