About Us

Founded in 2005, Creup Technologies is a high tech corporation specializing in development, manufacturing, and marketing of the next generation rechargeable batteries in China. We are committed helping our customers succeed by providing one-stop, high quality, professional, reliable, and enviromentally friendly lithium battery solutions and services as the success of our customers will help us achieve success in the long run.

As a professional battery manufacturer, we have a comprehensive and complete product range including lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, consumer batteries, motive power batteries and energy storage batteries, as well as charging power products. Our products are widely used in a variety of electronic devices, such as portable electronics, IoT products, smart robots, e-bikes, e-scooters, golf carts, power tools, solar power systems etc.

In order to take a leadership role in the advanced battery technologies we keep on investing in research and development. Our R&D team is composed of professional engineers with experiences of more than ten years in the industry. These specialists have a strong force behind the company business operations. To ensure our technology and products innovative and leading in this filed, our R&D team is dedicated to developing excellent solutions and customized designs to meet the fast moving market demand. We are capable of designing and producing batteries in accordance with specific requirements of customers, meeting the demands of customers across the world.


A professional quality control system serves as a strong force for guaranteed quality. Taking high quality with low cost as the target of our company we always make designs with cost control in mind, but never ignore quality or reliability. From raw materials to finished batteries, we adopt a strict quality system and scientific management as well as advanced facilities to guarantee high quality, low costs and prompt delivery. The complete strict QC system includes material incoming inspection, half-finished product test, finished products test and complete test before shipping. We use imported machines and computerized systems to help us. We also offer constant specialized training to the staffs so that the company has a group of skilled and well trained people. With the support of trained specialists, computerized devices and scientific management, every stage of the production is strictly carried out in compliance with the high quality standards. The whole QC system can fully ensures excellent technics and good quality products.

As a reliable battery supplier with more than twenty years of experience, we always adhere to the core service concept of customer centricity. We firmly believe that supplying customers with high quality products and services to help customers succeed is the most reliable way to keep long term win to win cooperation. We are well-known in many parts of the world, including europe and the united states due to our top quality products and services.

Value, integrity, innovative, open, long term cooperation are our core value. Our vision is striving to be a global leading green energy corporation. Our mission is simple. Just endeavor to improve the quality of lives of people life by our high qualityproducts and services. To accomplish this mission we satisfied our customer needs and delivery best values with one-stop quality products, low costs and value added services. We keep a good reputation and truth between customers and us to establish long-term business relationship so that our customers can rely on us to focus on their core business. We are also dedicated to the environment protection so that people can live in harmony with the earth.