E-bike/Scooter Battery

Electric bicycles and electric scooters are gradually developing in the direction of lightweight and standardization. Lithium battery electric bicycle is an innovative and revolutionary means of transportation. It has a stylish, lightweight, foldable design with a built-in high capacity, safe, eco-friendly lithium ion battery that fits in the trunk of a car. Its characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection and low energy consumption are in line with the trend of future development. The concepts of sharing electric bicycles, replacing rider batteries and green travel are gradually entering the people life.

Li-ion Battery Pack 4819CRB For Ebike/Scooter

Li-ion Battery Pack 4819CRB For Ebike/Scooter

Li-ion battery pack 4819CRB for ebike/scooter is rechargeable and rated at 48V 19.2Ah with an integr..

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