Wall Mounted Battery

Wall mounted battery, also known as powerwall is widely used in solar systems for residential and commercial buildings. It is an integrated rechargeable lithium battery system that stores solar energy for later use when the grid goes down. It also provides emergency backup, time based control and other grid service applications. The system has a compact design, LCD screen, convenient setting buttons, bluetooth monitor on your smart phones, and cables & accessories ready for installation. With more than 6000 deep cycles of lifepo4 batteries, they can be installed in parallel with combiner box for protection, integrated BMS communication protocol and inverters. Ideal for space-constrained households or those with limited floor space.

Wall Mounted Energy Storage Battery 48200WM

Wall Mounted Energy Storage Battery 48200WM

The wall mounted energy storage battery 48200WM is a rechargeable lithium powerwall with stored ener..

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