SLA Replacement battery 12200FSL

  • Model: 12200FSL
  • Part Number: 12200IFSL
  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 200Ah
  • Stored Energy: 2560Wh
  • Product Type: LiFePO4 battery
  • Max Dimensions: 450.00mm x 170.00mm x 240.00mm
  • Approx Weight: 26.00kg
  • Lead Time: 15~30 days
  • Origin: China
  • Availability: In Stock

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Due to the significant development in lithium technology over years, the demand for replacing conventional lead acid batteries with modern lithium ion based technology, is rapidly increasing. SLA replacement battery 12200FSL is a 12.8V 200Ah rechargeable lithium iron phosphate(LiFePo4) battery, which is considered to be one of the safest and longest cycle life rechargeable lithium batteries. It contains an intelligent battery management chip which provides cell protections and balancing, gas gauging, and communication functions. A LED display provides a simple capacity indication and let the user know the battery state and when the battery should be charged or fully charged. It can meet the UN transportation testing requirements. Ideal for a wide range of transportable and stationary equipments, including solar energy storage, UPS system, robots, medical carts etc.


  • High energy density. The energy density of lithium battery with the same volume is 4 times that of lead acid battery.
  • Super long life. Its calendar life is more than 8 years, 4-8 times longer than lead acid batteries.
  • Safe and convenient. Inbuilt BMS ensures the battery safety performance and can also realize other functional applications.
  • Maintenance free. Can be connected in parallel and series to get higher power.
  • Fast charging & discharging, which is greatly reduces the charging time.
  • Green energy, RoHS compliance, no harmful metalsas lead, cadmium, Hg and friendly to the environment.


Boat marine yachts, solar/wind power system, city grid ESS(On/Off), community and family, RV motorhome, golf carts, electric skateboard, vehicle, telecom base, CATV system, computer server center, medical instrument, military equipment, security and electronics, mobile POS, mining light, torch, LED light, emergency light, LED backup, engine starting etc.

More Models

Below are standard models. Multiple modules are connected in series, parallel or both to provide higher power and more energy. Contact us now for custom requirements.

ModelNominal Voltage (V)Nominal Capacity (Ah)
  • Length (max, mm)Width (max, mm)Height (max, mm)Weight (approx, kg)
    126FSL 12.8 6 90 72 100 0.7
    1210FSL 12.8 10 152 65 100 0.9
    1212FSL 12.8 12 152 98 105 1.3
    1220FDL 12.8 20 181 77 170 2.1
    1236FSL 12.8 36 197 168 172 4.5
    1250FSL 12.8 50 229 138 213 6.5
    12100FDL 12.8 100 229 144 213 11.8
    12150FSL 12.8 150 328 172 215 16.5
    12200FSL 12.8 200 502 187 243 26.0
    12350FSL 12.8 350 495 220 232 46.0
    12400FSL 12.8 400 522 242 221 53.0
    24100FSL 24 100 522 238 222 23.0
    24200FSL 24 200 520 267 224 40.0
    Technical Datas
    Model 12200FSL
    Product Type Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4/LFP) battery
    Configuration 4S1P
    Nominal Voltage 12.8V
    Nominal Capacity 200Ah
    Stored Energy 2560Wh
    Max Charge Voltage 14.6V
    Max Charge Current 200A
    Max Discharge Current 200A continuous, 400A peak for 10s
    Discharge Cut Off Voltage 10V
    Communication Bluetooth, optional and customizable.
    Management Circuit Integrated BMS for protection against overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, over heat, and cell balancing
    Housing ABS, IP65
    Termination F12(M8)
    Dimensions 450mm x 170mm x 240mm max
    Weight 26kg approx
    Operation Temperature Charge: 0~45°C, Discharge: -20~60°C, Storage: -20~40°C, best 20±5°C for long time storage. Humidity: 85% max.
    Certifications UL1642 (MH49099), IEC62133, UN38.3, MSDS, RoHS
    Remark Maximum load power: 2000W.
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