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  • Model: Custom
  • Product Type: Custom battery pack
  • Lead Time: 15~35 days
  • Origin: China
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A battery pack is a set of any number of individual cells or identical modules. Its purpose is to provide an integrated power source for applications. They may be configured in a series, parallel or a mixture of both to deliver the desired voltage, capacity, or power density. For an inline package, cells are selected and stacked with solder in between them. Cells are pressed together and a current pulse generates heat to solder them together and to weld all connections internal to the cell. Components of a battery pack include individual cells or modules, protection, cooling and management systems, mechanical casing, and the interconnects which provide electrical conductivity between them.

Lithium ion cells can not be used directly in electronic devices. They need special protection and management circuits to keep them within their predefined voltage, current and temperature operating limits. They have to be assembled with a PCM (protection circuit module) and other components of different devices. PCM works as safety devices and it protects cells against over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit and over heat. Sometimes more complex designs may use integrated PCM and BMS (battery management system) which provide advanced functions such as fuel gauge calculations, protection, cell balancing, thermal sensing, statues indicating lights and serial communications buses. BMS is mainly used in high power lithium ion batteries.

Mechanical designs of a battery pack have to meet the requirements for physical and electrical interfaces with the appliance as well as maintain the assembly form and protect all the components. It involves the pack shaping, housing, insulation and external contacts. The simplest and low cost way is designing a shrink-wrap packaging and wire lead terminals with or without connectors. More complex is a typical injection molded plastic case and metal contacts for more precision packs. Either an external shrink-wrap or plastic enclosure, by applying 2D/3D systems and automation equipments, we are able to design cases and contacts with high precision and reliable connection.

In battery pack development, we fully manage the battery design elements of your project. We work with your engineers to reduce risk in the design process and throughout the production process, and create a fully customized management system that provides the functionalities required for your product. Our well experienced team have the knowledge and resources to build custom battery packs that are designed to provide reliable, stable, and long-lasting power, combining your unique specifications and requirements into the designs. We can get your idea into prototype and rapid response production within weeks and months.

With decades of combined experiences our fully equipped electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers ensure battery packs are designed and assembled the right way from the start of the project to beyond. In our production facilities highly trained assembly and production staffs are employed and continuously trained to provide advanced assembly technology for all types of modern equipments. We are committed to manufacturing customized battery packs that are safe, effective and have the absolute lowest failure rate.

Technical Datas
Model Custom
Product Type Lithium polymer, Lithium ion, LiFePO4
Configuration Series/parallel connection, customized
Nominal Voltage 3.2V/3.7V/6.4V/7.4V/9.6V/11.1V/12.8V/14.8V/16V/18.5V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V, customized
Nominal Capacity From 10mAh to 500Ah, customized
Stored Energy Customized
Max Charge Voltage Customized
Max Charge Current Customized
Max Discharge Current Customized
Discharge Cut Off Voltage Customized
Inverter Customized
Communication RS485/RS232/CAN/BUS, optional
Management Circuit Safety protection circuit, management circuit, equalization circuit etc., customized
Housing Heat shrink PVC tube, ABS plastic case, metal case etc., customized
Termination Cables, connect plug/connector, waterproof etc., customized
Dimensions Customized
Weight Customized
Operation Temperature Charge: 0-45°C, discharge: -20-60°C, super high/low temperature, customized
Certifications UN38.3/MSDS/UL1642/UL2054/IEC62133/CB etc
Remark Battery chemistry, input voltage range, plug type, output voltage/current, cables etc., customized
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