Custom Power Solution

  • Model: Custom
  • Product Type: Custom power solution
  • Lead Time: 15~35 days
  • Origin: China
  • Availability: In Stock

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With the industry leading technical knowledge and extensive experience we can provide complete power system solutions, ranging from advanced cells, battery packs, managing system, charging to power supplies. If you did not find our standard products that can meet all your requirements, simply contact us. Our well experienced team can work closely with you to offer you a custom solution tailered to suit your particular needs. We begin the design process by understanding your performance targets for the final product. As there are lots of conditions that should be preconsidered for the engineers to decide what best fits your design, the first step in this process is to collect as much performance information as possible. The information includes:

1. Application Introduction

A brief description of your application and any special requirements if available.

2. Electrical Requirements

Battery type, voltage, capacity/operating time, discharge current range, continuous/peak/pulse current/duration/frenquency, discharge voltage range, power, safety circuits, max charging current/voltage/time.

3. Mechanical Requirements

Max available battery space, max physical dimensions, shapes, output terminations, wire leads, connectors, casing, weight.

4. Environment Conditions

Operation temperature range, humidity, altitude, indoor or outdoor use.

5. Other Requirements

Demand qty., budget, scheduled delivery time, testing, qualifications, etc.

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