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A battery cell is the core component of a battery pack. It is a unit that stores and releases electrical energy, converting chemical energy into electrical energy through chemical reactions. It usually consists of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator, and an electrolyte. Common rechargeable cell chemistries include lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and lead acid. As there are many cell types on the market, no single cell chemistry and standard specifications can work for all applications. We supply not only thousands of standard cell models but custom cells in different chemistries, voltages, capacities, shapes, physical sizes and configurations to meet your special performance and size needs.

To design a battery pack it is critical to first calculate the system requirements for voltage, capacity and discharging rate based on a specific cell’s parameters. The operating voltage range of an application system will determine the number of series cells required in a battery pack. A battery pack’s capacity and discharging rate will determine the number of parallel cells required. The voltage of a battery pack is the voltage of single cell multiplied by the series cells’ number and its capacity is the capacity of the individual chain multiplied by the number of parallel chains. For applications which require higher voltage and more capacity than a single cell can deliver, some battery packs are assembled with both series cells and parallel cells so that both the voltage and amp hour capacity are increased. Cells also determine the ultimate shape and dimensions of a battery pack. Arrangement of cells, circuitry, connections and terminals should be carefully considered to fit into the physical space available.

We use our wealth of experiences to listen to our customers’ demand and help them to select the most suitable cell types based on performance, reliability, and price. Our extensive expertise, experience, and production know-how can deliver the higher performance and reliability you want from your batteries. We pride ourselves on supply of only the highest quality batteries.

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